Addressing the Surge in Homelessness: Insights from HUD’s Annual Report and What it Means for New Jersey

**By Carol Sainthilaire, Executive Director of The Waterfront Project, Inc.**

Here’s the 2023-AHAR-Part-1.pdf for you to review.

The 2023 Annual Homelessness Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress paints a stark picture of homelessness in the United States, including in New Jersey. As we digest this report at The Waterfront Project, Inc., it is crucial to align our strategies with the emerging needs highlighted within this document.

**Homelessness in New Jersey** : New Jersey, like many states, has seen varying numbers of homelessness across different populations. Families with children and unaccompanied youth are particularly vulnerable, requiring focused support and resources. Veterans and those experiencing chronic homelessness also make up significant portions of our community needing specialized services.

**The Importance of Eviction Prevention** : One of the most impactful strategies to combat homelessness in New Jersey is preventing evictions. Given the state’s high cost of living and the scarcity of affordable housing, preventive measures are more cost-effective than managing homelessness post-eviction. At The Waterfront Project, we believe in a proactive approach—keeping families in their homes is not only a matter of human dignity but also economic sense.

**Strategic Interventions and Advocacy**: Our efforts go beyond immediate legal defense; they are about advocating for policy changes that make housing more accessible and affordable. We work tirelessly to influence housing policies and provide the necessary legal assistance to ensure no one is unfairly removed from their home.

**Call to Action** : The surge in homelessness requires a unified response. We invite community members, policymakers, and business leaders to join us in this critical fight. Whether it’s through volunteering, advocacy, or donations, your involvement can lead to substantial change.

**Conclusion** : The insights from HUD’s annual report are not just numbers—they are a call to action. They remind us of the urgency and the necessity for comprehensive strategies to tackle homelessness. At The Waterfront Project, we are committed to this cause, ensuring that every New Jerseyan has the opportunity to live with dignity in stable, affordable housing.

**Learn More and Get Involved** : Visit [The Waterfront Project, Inc.] ( to see how you can make a difference in our community. Together, we can turn the tide on homelessness.