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Hailing the Successes of WinnCompanies’ Eviction Prevention Program: Lessons for New Jersey

By Carol Sainthilaire At The Waterfront Project, we believe in the transformative power of housing stability. We have been inspired by the recent efforts of WinnCompanies, one of the largest affordable housing operators, and their eviction prevention program. Despite the challenges faced, their initiative has provided valuable insights into how we can strengthen our own […]

Addressing the rent crisis: a call to action for hudson county and beyond

By Carol M. Sainthilaire – Executive Director of The Waterfront Project, Inc. As an employee of The Waterfront Project, Inc., I am deeply committed to the belief that housing is a fundamental human right. Our mission is to prevent homelessness through legal advocacy, housing counseling, and supportive services. Recent discussions, such as the one featured […]

The Critical Role of Housing Stability in Childhood Mental Health

At The Waterfront Project, we understand that the effects of childhood housing insecurity extend far beyond immediate physical needs, deeply impacting mental health into adulthood. A recent study by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health highlights a concerning link: children who experience housing insecurity are at a higher risk for long-term anxiety and depression. […]

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Advocating for Our Seniors: Addressing the Growing Challenge of Aging and Homelessness

By Carol M. Sainthilaire, Executive Director of The Waterfront Project, Inc. At The Waterfront Project, our commitment to the senior community is driven by a pressing need to address their vulnerabilities, especially concerning housing and legal assistance. Recent discussions, such as those highlighted by the National Alliance to End Homelessness, underscore the increasing risk of […]

Addressing the Homelessness Crisis in New Jersey: The Critical Role of The Waterfront Project, Inc

In recent years, the homelessness crisis in New Jersey has intensified, mirroring national trends driven by escalating housing costs, a lack of affordable housing, and systemic socio-economic barriers. This situation demands immediate and comprehensive action. At The Waterfront Project, Inc. (WFP), we witness daily how these challenges impact individuals and families, pushing them to the […]

Addressing the Surge in Homelessness: Insights from HUD’s Annual Report and What it Means for New Jersey

**By Carol Sainthilaire, Executive Director of The Waterfront Project, Inc.** Here’s the 2023-AHAR-Part-1.pdf for you to review. The 2023 Annual Homelessness Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress paints a stark picture of homelessness in the United States, including in New Jersey. As we digest this report at The Waterfront Project, Inc., it is crucial to align our […]