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Hailing the Successes of WinnCompanies’ Eviction Prevention Program: Lessons for New Jersey

By Carol Sainthilaire

At The Waterfront Project, we believe in the transformative power of housing stability. We have been inspired by the recent efforts of WinnCompanies, one of the largest affordable housing operators, and their eviction prevention program. Despite the challenges faced, their initiative has provided valuable insights into how we can strengthen our own efforts in New Jersey.

The Successes

WinnCompanies’ program initially achieved notable success by proactively intervening with tenants facing financial hardships. By addressing issues early, they were able to prevent numerous evictions, thereby maintaining housing stability for many families. This approach underscores the importance of early intervention and tenant support, principles that align closely with our mission at The Waterfront Project.

Challenges and Lessons

However, the program also faced significant hurdles, particularly during the pandemic. Rising rental arrears and inconsistent implementation across different properties highlighted the need for a more robust and adaptable framework. Administrative challenges and tenant non-engagement further complicated the program’s effectiveness.

These challenges offer critical lessons. Firstly, consistent and comprehensive implementation is crucial. Programs must be adaptable to varying circumstances and needs across different communities. Secondly, tenant engagement is essential. Ensuring that tenants are informed, supported, and motivated to participate can significantly enhance the success of such initiatives.

Applying the Lessons in New Jersey

New Jersey stands to benefit greatly from these insights. By incorporating these lessons, we can enhance our eviction prevention strategies to better serve our communities. Here’s how:

  1. Early Intervention and Support: By proactively identifying and supporting tenants at risk, we can prevent crises before they escalate.
  2. Consistency in Implementation: Developing a standardized yet flexible framework will ensure that all tenants receive the support they need, regardless of where they live.
  3. Enhanced Tenant Engagement: Increasing awareness and providing comprehensive support services can encourage tenant participation and cooperation.


The mixed results of WinnCompanies’ eviction prevention program highlight both the successes and challenges of such initiatives. By learning from their experience, we can strengthen our own efforts in New Jersey, ensuring that more families can enjoy the stability and security of a home. At The Waterfront Project, we remain committed to advocating for housing as a human right and will continue to innovate and improve our strategies to prevent homelessness and eviction in our communities.

For more information on WinnCompanies’ program and the detailed article, visit Shelterforce.

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