Eviction Defense

At The Waterfront Project, Inc., our Eviction Defense Program is a cornerstone of our mission to prevent homelessness and protect the rights of tenants. With the threat of eviction looming over many families in northern New Jersey, our dedicated team of housing counselors and attorneys works tirelessly to ensure that no one is unjustly displaced from their home.


Last year, we provided crucial legal and housing counseling assistance to 2,000 tenants facing eviction in Northern New Jersey. Of these cases, 53% of tenants required legal representation.  

Thanks to the skilled intervention of our attorneys:

  • 20% of these cases were dismissed prior to trial. 
  • 21% of these cases were tried and dismissed. 
  • 26% of these cases were settled with the client remaining in their apartment. 
  • An additional 26% were settled amicably, with tenants agreeing to relocate, thus preventing contentious evictions. 

Combined with our Resource Navigation and Housing Counseling services, 67% of tenants directly benefited from our services, maintaining stability, and remaining in their homes. Furthermore, 23% successfully relocated to permanent housing with the assistance of WFP staff. The remaining clients were moved to temporary housing solutions. 


  • Legal Representation: Our experienced attorneys provide free legal counsel to tenants facing eviction, advocating for their rights in court and negotiating with landlords to find amicable solutions. 
  • Counseling and Support: We offer comprehensive housing counseling services, guiding tenants through the complexities of eviction processes and connecting them with vital resources. 
  • Education and Outreach: We empower tenants with knowledge about their rights and responsibilities, helping them to advocate for themselves and prevent future housing crises. 


Our work alleviates the burden on public resources by reducing potential costs associated with emergency shelter services, which can range significantly higher per family. Providing housing stability not only saves taxpayers money but also fosters community stability and personal well-being. 


These outcomes not only reflect our commitment to preventing homelessness and enhancing housing stability but also demonstrate the efficiency and necessity of our services in the community. Our efforts extend beyond immediate legal needs, promoting long-term housing security through education and advocacy. 

By focusing on the most vulnerable populations, including those with the lowest Area Median Income (AMI) and women-headed households, The Waterfront Project continues to play a vital role in preventing homelessness and preserving safe, stable housing for low- and moderate-income tenants. 

Join us in our mission to defend the rights of tenants and ensure that everyone in our community has a place to call home.