The Survivor Project

The Survivor Project (TSP) at The Waterfront Project addresses a critical gap in our community: the lack of comprehensive legal support and outreach for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. These survivors often face complex legal challenges without access to necessary resources. Through workshops, legal representation, and community outreach, TSP empowers survivors, fostering a safer environment. 


TSP’s mission is to make lasting improvements in survivors’ lives by providing comprehensive legal support, advice, and representation. Our holistic approach combines legal representation, workshops, and outreach to help survivors break free, recover, and rebuild. 


  • Trauma-Informed Legal Support: We ensure equitable access to justice by providing trauma-informed legal advocacy, advice, and representation. This includes assistance with protective/restraining orders, Title IX/campus adjudication, and sexual harassment cases. 
  • Workshops and Education: Our workshops cover legal rights, court navigation, and protective orders, using grant funds to create accessible materials. These sessions empower survivors with the knowledge and tools to navigate the legal system. 
  • Community Outreach: Presentations at events, schools, and organizations raise awareness and inform survivors about available support. This proactive outreach ensures survivors have access to vital resources. 


TSP collaborates with Rape Crisis Centers, legal service providers, law enforcement agencies, and District Attorneys’ offices to establish a robust referral network. We advocate for systemic changes by working closely with law enforcement and victims’ compensation resources. 


  • Provide trauma-informed legal support to survivors. 
  • Advocate for systemic changes and collaborate with stakeholders. 
  • Offer specialized legal advice and representation. 
  • Conduct community outreach and education campaigns. 

Survivors of sexual assault face multifaceted challenges and often navigate complex legal systems without adequate support. Our needs assessment revealed significant gaps in existing services, including a lack of trauma-informed responses, support in cyber sexual assault cases, and culturally sensitive accommodations. 


The Survivor Project at The Waterfront Project is committed to bridging the existing service gaps and transforming survivor support in Hudson County and beyond. Our innovative approach ensures survivors receive the comprehensive aid and resources needed to rebuild their lives and achieve justice. 

Join us in our mission to empower survivors and foster a safer community.